Norway Vacation 2014

This website records our vacation in Norway in August of 2014. We made one long trip south to see the famous Pulpit Rock, but otherwise we spent most of our time in central Norway seeing their national parks, especially Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen. We focused our attention on the outdoor wonders of the country, but we did spend a couple days at the beginning of the trip in Bergen, and then a couple of days at the end of the trip in Oslo.

Here is a map showing our route through Norway. The national parks are shown in dark green, the cities are in black. The circles with numbers inside correspond to the activities numbered in the itinerary chart below the map. Some of the numbers are missing because I planned more activities than we had time to complete.

Of course, in a country the size of Norway with so many wonderful views, there is no way to see it all in just a 2 and 1/2 week visit. But I do think we saw a lot. Below is the intinerary of our trip, with links to websites.

Saturday: August 9

Sunday: August 10

Monday: August 11

Tuesday: August 12

Wednesday: August 13

4:30 PM flight from Seattle to Keflavik arrive 6:45 AM on Icelandair FI680 (7 hr 15 min)

Thursday: August 14

1 hr 15 min change planes

8:00 AM flight from Keflavik to Bergen arrive 12:15 PM on Icelandair FI326 (2 hr 15 min)

Pickup rental car

1 Fantoft Stave Church

1 Cable car ride up Mt Ulriken, hike back down.

Stay at Bergen Montana Hostel Breakfast buffet, kitchen

Friday: August 15

1 Guided City Tour Walk English tour at 12:00

1 Bryggen Historic District tour UNESCO World Heritage Site

1 Hanseatic League Museum

1 Bergenhus 16th Century Fortress

1 Funicular ride up Mount Floyen

Stay at Bergen Montana Hostel Breakfast buffet, kitchen

Saturday: August 16

Drive 290km (8 hrs) to Jorpeland (w/ 2 ferries)

4 Låtefossen

2 Pulpit Rock hike

Stay in Jorpeland Verkshotellet Breakfast

Sunday: August 17

If weather bad previous day, hike Pulpit Rock in the morning

Drive 290 km from Jorpeland to Fossli (5 hr)

4 Valley of the Waterfalls: Espelandsfossen, Vidfoss, Strondsfossen, Tjørnadalsfossen, AEdnafossen

5 3 hr hike to Buerbreen Glacier

6 Vøringsfossen

Drive 70 km from Fossli to Voss (1 hr 20 min)

Stay at Voss Hostel Kitchen, Breakfast

Monday: August 18

Drive 70 km from Voss to Flam (1hr 10 min)

9 Tvindefossen

10Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen


125 hr Fjord tour Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Flåm-Gudvangen-Flåm

11 A.M. to 4 P.M.

132 1/2 hr ride on Flåm - Myrdal - Flåm railwayRoundtrip5:25 PM to 7:30 PM

13 Flam Railway Waterfalls

Stay at Flam Hostel Wash Machine, Dryer, Kitchen

Tuesday: August 19

Drive 50 km from Flam to Borgund (3/4 hr)

24 km tunnel from Flam to E16

14Borgund Stave Church

Drive 115 km from Borgund to Jostedal (2 1/2 hr)


Jostedalsbreen National Park & Breheimen National Park

16 3hr Hikes to Bergsetbreen and Nigardsbreen Glaciers

17Drive up to Lake Styggevaten

Stay in Jostedal at Hotel Jostedal

Wednesday: August 20

Drive 200km from Jostedal to Briksdal

19Supphellebreen and Flatbreen glaciers

19Bøyabreen viewpoint

20 Heggheimsfossen

Stay at Melkevoll Bretun Cabins Includes kitchen and laundry

Thursday: August 21

21 Briksdalsbreen



221 hr hike to Brenndalsbreen

24Lodal Valley

Stay at Melkevoll Bretun Cabins Includes kitchen and laundry

Friday: August 22

Drive 110 km (2 1/2 hrs) from Briksdale to Geiranger

26Toll road to summit of Dalsnibba

26Along roadDalsnibba viewpoint

27 Flydalsjuvet viewpoint

28Drive up and back down the Eagle Road

301 1/2 hr Ferry cruise Geiranger – Hellesylt (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

From ferrySeven Sisters Waterfall

From ferryFriaren Waterfall

From ferryBrudesløret and Ljosurfossen waterfalls

Along roadHellesylt Waterfall

31Norangsdalen Valley

Drive 24 km (1/2 hr) from Hellesylt to Øye

Stay at Norangsfjorden in Hotel Union Øye Includes breakfast

Saturday: August 23

3210 hr hike up Slogen (or maybe just to Patchellhytta hut)

Drive 50 km (1 hr) from Øye to Stranda

Stay in Stranda atHotel StrandaBreakfast, NOK 1350

Sunday: August 24

Ferry to Valldal

Drive 70 km (1 hr 1/2) from Valldal to Åndalsnes

33Trollstigen Road and Tverrdalsfossen and Stigfossen Waterfalls

348 hr hike on Romsdalseggen Ridge

Stay in Åndalsnes at Åndalsnes Youth and Family Hostel Includes breakfast, kitchen, washing machine

Monday: August 25

Anniversary Day!

Drive 120 km (2 hr) from Åndalsnes to Dovrefjell National Park

35 Kleivafossen, Svaaafossen, Olmaafossen, and the Romsdalen Waterfalls

35 Kylling Bridge and Vermafossen waterfall

35Slettafossen waterfall

35 Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, and Skogagrovafossen

Dovrefjell National Park

36Viewpoint Snohetta

Stay in Dombas at Trolltun Guesthouse Kitchen, Breakfast

Tuesday: August 26

Drive 120 km (2 hr) from Dombas to Gjendesheim

Rondane National Park - reindeer

384 hr hike to top of Storronden

Maurvangen Camping and Cabins Kitchen, Wash Machine, Sauna

Wednesday: August 27

Jotunheim National Park

Ferry to Memurubu

398 hr on Most Famous Hike in NorwayBesseggen Ridge

Maurvangen Camping and Cabins Kitchen, Wash Machine, Sauna

Thursday: August 28

Jotunheim National Park

Drive 120 km (2 hrs) from Gjendesheim to Krossbu

40Drive Scenic Rte 55

40Feigefossen Waterfall

41 Urnes Stave Church(UNESCO World Heritage Site)

42Short hikes in Krossbu area to Bøverbreen Glacier

Stay outside of Lom at Strind-Gard Sheep farm. Pay cash. Refrigerator, kitchen, wash machine

Friday: August 29

43Visdalen Valley hiking

Stay outside of Lom at Strind-Gard Sheep farm. Pay cash. Refrigerator, kitchen, wash machine, WiFi

Saturday: August 30

Drive 360 km (5 1/2 hrs)from Lom to Oslo

Stay in Oslo at Saga Hotel Breakfast

Sunday: August 31

47Kon-Tiki museum, Viking ship museum, Polar Ship museum

47Nobel Peace Center

47 Akershus Fortress

47Oslo Opera House

47Karl Johans Gate (main thoroughfare thru Oslo)

47Vigeland Sculpture Park

Stay in Oslo at Saga Hotel Breakfast

Monday: September 1

47Oslo City Hall

47Oslo Cathedral

2:45 PM flight from Oslo fly to Keflavik arrive 3:25 PM on Icelandair FI319 (2 hr 40 min)

1 hr 15 min change planes

5:00 PM flight from Keflavik to Seattle arrive 5:45 PM on Icelandair FI681 (7 hr 45 min)

Tuesday: September 2

Wednesday: September 3

Thursday: September 4

Friday: September 5

My favorite photos from the entire trip are shown on the Favorites page. Detailed notes about planning and costs are included on my Notes page. All the other links contain day by day accounts of what we saw during our visit.