Vacation travel is great fun. Some people enjoy seeing the vacation trip photos, and some find vacation photos boring (though perhaps you are too polite to say so.) I thought that if I posted my photographs on the my website, only people who are genuinely interested can see where we went, while the disinterested parties can ignore these pages.

Boston June 2004

Boston June 2004

Yellowstone August 2004

Yellowstone August 2004

Kauai April 2005

Kauai April 2005

Canadian Rockies June/July 2005

(still under construction)

Glacier National Park July 2006

Glacier July 2006

Family Reunion, July 2008

Hocking Hills, Ohio July 2008

Venice, Florence, Rome September 2008

Italy September 2008

Iceland, Summer 2009

Iceland July and August of 2009

London and Paris, Summer 2010

London and Paris in Summer 2010

Costa Rica, February 2011

Costa Rica

Canadian Rockies, September 2011


Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, January 2012

Jungle Kingdoms of the Maya

Ireland Spring 2012


Glacier National Park September 2012

Glacier and Waterton

King Tut Exhibit September 2012

Seattle Pacific Science Center

Mexico February 2013

Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan Penisula

Alaska Summer 2013

South Alaska

Colorado September 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

Belize February 2014


Norway August 2014


Chile and Argentina, February 2015


France, Italy, Switzerland, August 2015

Tour du Mont Blanc

Chile and Argentina, February 2016


Peru, June 2016


Japan, March/April 2017

Kyoto to Tokyo

Terracotta Warrior Exhibit June 2017

Seattle Pacific Science Center

Sweden August 2017

Kungsleden Trek

Indian Art Exhibit December 2018

Peacock in the Desert - Royal Arts of Jodhpur

Poland/Slovakia August 2018

Eastern Europe

New Zealand 2019

South Island of New Zealand

Maine 2021

Acadia National Park

Colorado 2021

Ouray and S.W. Colorado

California 2022

Mammoth Lakes

New York 2022


My mom has written up some stories about some of her vacation adventures.

My Mom's trip to Switzerland

Switzerland October 2004

My Mom's trip to Patagonia

Patagonia April 2006

My Mom's weekend in Yosemite

Weekend in Yosemite June 2005

My Mom's trip to Africa

Africa September 2006

My Mom's trip to Italy

Italy September/October 2008

My Mom's trip to London and Paris

London and Paris June/July 2010

My Mom's trip to Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands February 2013