I really enjoyed working at Mahi Networks. It was a 5 year run of mostly good times. I was hired as employee #55 and started on May 1st of 2000. I got laid off on May 2nd of 2005 (I missed receiving my layoff notice on April 28 because Melanie and I were in Kauai.)

I have five or six of the old organization charts of the Mahi Engineering team. The oldest one dates back to December 05 of 2000. A lot of names are on those charts, good people who joined Mahi. I don't have anyway to display these org charts, the text is too small for scanning in with legible results. And I can't try to recreate the charts by hand, there are way too many names here. The chart dated 7/14/2001 is incredible - I counted 102 names in the software organization alone (under Tim Flood / Paul Yang / Charles Chen).

I constructed this scrapbook so I don't forget all the fun times and excellent technical achievements. Mostly, I want to remember the fine people with whom I worked. So many positive things happened. I will probably be adding photographs to this site for a while (especially if I can convince people to rummage through their old files and send me forgotten photo treasures!)

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Employee Photos

HW Team trip to Armstrong Woods

Buckeye Day

Canada Day party at Rob's

Company Picnic in 2001

John Fletcher's new office

Mahi Golf


Jarek's Farewell Party

Nalin's Farewell Party

Naveen's Farewell Party

Nomaan's Farewell Party

Pat's Farewell Party

Mahi Building Tour

First Shipment to MCI

MCI Shipment Party

Hardware Team

Mahi Work

NX7 Year End Demo

Mahi Fun

Mahi Art Work

Basketball Art Work

Wine Making

Art's Farewell

John and Ramone's Farewell

The Old Building

The Mahi Wake

The First Annual Mahi Reunion

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