Here is the artwork used on the Tshirts. I always got a kick out of seeing my designs printed on a shirt. And it was pretty cool when people actually wore the shirts. Originally, the first design said NX7 on it, but we didn't want to reveal that we had such a project in development, so I changed the lettering to Next Mi7, with the N X and 7 in black letters. Pretty sly, huh? The quote isn't shown here, it is supposed to say: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C Clarke

This design is for the VTX shirt. Press, Vintage and Crush were the chip names on the board. It is really too bad we never finished developing that card. What we did accomplish was impressive. Another subtle message: the red letters at the bottom spell out V T X.

This design was rejected for an NX7 shirt. I guess it is too complicated.

The NX7 line card had two FPGAs on it - the Bucktooth and Braces. Aren't those better names for chips than TSIF, ISIF, ESIF or HSIF? This is the logo for those two chips.

Occasionally, I drew an Axis of Cyncism cartoon. Just because it amused me to do so. My art work was titled Telecomics.

This cartoon was supposed to show a Mahi fish (with a fin that vaguely resembles the Mahi starburst) approaching a Photuris fish (with some head tentacles that resemble the Photuris logo). This was during the acquistion. I guess it isn't that good a drawing if it needs explaining!

This cartoon was drawn when Ramone was pressuring Bayne to shorten the schedule on the board design for the NX7 Ethernet card. I am sure Ramone had his reasons, but the Axis of Realism always gave him a hard time.

I drew this when we heard we sold some Mi7s into a carrier that had been considering buying the 15600. In hindsight, I guess the carriers kicked all the big switch boxes off the cliff, because the total sales of Mi7, Nortel's HDX, Lucent's Lambda Unite, Ciena's Cyras and Cisco 15600 have been dismal.

A cartoon drawn just prior to our last funding round.

Remember when we thought there would be two giant customers wanting our products. How would we ever produce enough stuff? It was a problem we would have liked to have.

This was drawn back in the days when I believed winning an RFP actually meant something. Now I know that everything is just idle chatter and hot air until a P.O. is actually issued.

I was trying to come up with a logo for Mahi Volleyball with this drawing.