Work hard. Play hard. Have a lot of fun along the way. That was my Mahi experience. Here are some photos from the Play Hard category.

Remember this photo? After the Mahi "Trek" shirts were distributed, someone Photoshopped this image and distributed it to the company.

Bill Katz, Chuck Corley and Duncan Gray

unidentified hiker, Sherise, Katherine, Dan, Rob, and Sonia Danek in Yosemite

Nathan Strong and Ron Longo

Nalin in his Vera persona

Sam Valtenbergs

Dan Smith

Pierre, Janahan, Shawna, Tom, Chuck, Henry, Mike, Dan, Henry, Bindu and Nirmal

Nirmal, Henry, Janahan, Bindu, Dan, Shawna, Tom, Henry and Chuck

Even though I was on this white water raft trip, I can not identify who the people are in these photos. That might even be me under one of those blue hats.

Bayne, Dan and Rob in Sin City

"Cheers!" John Dinwiddie