I appointed myself Basketball Commissioner, and for five years I organized the lunch time games. Occasionally, interest in basketball would wane I would assume the role of Minister of Propaganda and generate some artwork to inspire people to show up. Here is some of the art I created over the years. This was a lot of fun. Mahi Basketball will be one of the things I miss most. If you hit refresh button on your browser, the animated images will restart.

We had a birthday basketball day for Bob Cook. On your birthday, you automatically got into every game, win or lose, you didn't have to shoot free throws. On Bob Cook's day, Cory Martin stole the show, playing the games of his life. He showed the "Complete Package": burying every 2 pointer, fast breaking at 100 mph, and finishing with left or right hand at the rim. So I made a little PacMan Bball cartoon in his honor. I meant to make more of these - I was going to do a cartoon to show a Vic Pacman bombing shots from half court, or a Hal PacMan that cracked jokes as he launched from the 2 point line, or a Jeff Pacman that knocked down fade away jumper after fade away jumper. But I never got around to making the rest of the Pacmen BBall animations. You'll have to rely on your imagination.

The lightning strikes never went as fast as I wanted, even though I bumped the frame rate up to 24 frames/sec. I think the transparent fade glow effect really slows down the FLASH player.

This cartoon was inspired by a confluence of events - everyone had something to do other than basketball: Xbox, soccer, cycling, tennis, running or whatever. I guess nobody used lunchtime at Mahi to actually eat lunch!

I had this plane animation created for a different purpose, so it was easy to modify it for baskeball.

The big stoic Easter Island statues are very appealing to me. I like to imagine their stone faces becoming expressive - I had plans to do more with this subject.

Most of my drawings were just black and white cartoons. Featuring the Mahi Fish, of course!