I left Petaluma in July. Thanks to everyone who showed up at the farewell party for me. I had a terrific time working with all of you. It was a lot of fun, and I won't forget and don't regret Mahi. I'll remember all the good times. Hopefully we can meet again. Prashant took these pictures for me.

Ashok and Eric

Art and Bayne

Ryan and Art

A Petaluma sweatshirt! Just what a need for cold dark Seattle. Thanks!

Dan, Sherise and Chuck and John

Art and Dave

Dave, Chuck and Bayne

Daylyn, Chris and Kevin

Art and Daylyn and Eric

Eric, Art and Chuck

Eric, Rich and Henry

Carmela, Jens and Shawna

Jens and Chris

Jens, Henry, Pierre and Duncan

John and Art

John and Bayne

Kevin, Art, and Prab

Art and Manie

Mark and Art

Art and Mike

Art and Paul

Paul, Art and Eric

The cow sweatshirt

Pierre and Duncan

Prab and Dan

Prashant and Vikram

Rich, Suzie and Peter

Rich, Peter and Suzie

The upstairs at Finbars

Shawna and Art

Sherise and Art

Sherise, Art and Shawna

Suzie, Carmela and Tim and Peter

Art and Tim

Vikram, Tim, Art and Sam

Prab, Dan and Art

Vikram and Art