There was a big party on the loading dock when we sent the first systems to MCI. Here are some photos of that happy day.

Malek Yamani shows the truck is empty

Tim Chappell wheels on the first pallet

Tim and Doug Asker with the second pallet

Curtis Harlee wheels on the rest of the shipment

The truck drives off to MCI

Now it's time to party. Scott Allen and Hal Norman pass out drinks

Ryan Houlgate and Janahan Skandaraniyam grab a beer

Vic Mahran and Steve Wensel are thirsty too

Jayaram Beladakere and Bayne Steele

Scott, Hal, Pat Kelley, Sherise Tournour and Eric Holmberg

Dave Staples, Sunita Gupta and Shirisha Garmella

Colm O'Brien

Chris Hee and Ron Longo

Tim Chappell and Sherise Tournour