Rob Coish and Roxanne hosted several Canada Day parties at their house. Canada Day is celebrated every July 1st, it is a great excuse to drink beer. Canada Day was originally known as Dominion Day - it is important to know trivia like that, because party goers were traditionally given Canada fact tests. When did the Blue Jays last win the World Series? Name the 11 provinces of Canada. What country produced John Candy, Gordon Lightfoot, Rush, Steve Nash, Alanis Morissette and Wayne Gretzky?

Art Enyedy and Bayne Steele

Official Canada Day cake

Roxanne brings out the Canada cake

Bayne, Peter Hudyma, Kathleen Keith, Ashok Gowda, Art, Herman Eiliya, Lianne Smith

Carmela, Katherine, Kathleen and Nalin

Dan Smith and family

Katherine Radeljic

Nalin Yogasundram and Sajini

Sherise Tournour and Kathleen Keith

Yanick Dubuc, Vincent DeRive and Jeff Gardner