The company had a picnic on the lawn next to the volleyball court. Tables and tents were set up. A fire truck from the Petaluma fire department drove over. Families were invited to bring their kids - they got to ride in the extension ladder of the truck, and bounce in the air chamber - you can see this inflatable blue and red chamber on the left side of the first picture.

I found these pictures on two big boards that used to sit in the software conference room. Since the room was converted from a meeting room to customer test facility, the boards were sitting out on the loading dock. Thus, the pictures are not in good quality, but I still think that they are worth viewing.

The picnic scene

The firetruck

Kevin Kraver and Amber

Bill Beyer & family

Bugsy and Henry

Bugsy and Kevin Doucet

Dennis and Karl


Duncan, John, Chuck, Frank Padilla and Chris Hee

Henry Schaffer