The Mahi Hardware Team decided that an excellent trip would be a day hike in the Armstrong Woods up near Guernville.

Good theme music for this webpage might be Spring by Vivaldi

Peter Nguyen, Hien Powell, Synara Ung, Nalin Yogasundram, Ravi Masand, Rob Coish

HW Team photo

Team photo in front of giant redwood

Mike Walker, Steve Danek, Peter Nguyen, Dan Smith, Chris Hee

Carmela Newens

Chuck Corley

John Dinwiddie, Mike Walker

Chris Hee, Carmela Newens, Peter Nguyen

Mike Walker, Steve Danek

Group shot at the top of long, strenous hike.

Mike Walker, Ravi Masand, Dan Smith

Peter Nguyen, Chuck Corley

Sherise Tournour, Carmela Newens

Synara Ung, Nalin Yogasundram, Dan Smith