There was a big push at the end of 2003 to get the NX7 system up for a year end demo. When we demonstrated that the new NX7 cards could successfully pass traffic, we had a party in the hardware lab. These are photos from that happy event.

Later, the goal was to demonstrate that the new PAC linecards could carry traffic. I don't have pictures from that accomplishment, but the PACman invitation that you see at the top of this webpage is the invitation that I sent out to all Petaluma - Hey everybody, at 4:00 PM, leave your cubes and come to the hardware lab for a slick presentation!

A toast to NX7 success! Ashutosh Agrawal, Art Enyedy, John Fletcher, Naveen Subramanyam, Ramone Hecker, Sam Valtenbergs, Kevin Pope, Nomaan Latif, and Bill Katz

Nomaan, Hal Norman, Ramone, Kevin, Rich Lopez, Naveen, and Ashutosh

Bayne Steele, Hal, Nomaan, Ramone, Mike Walker, Rich, and Kevin

The very first NX7 chassis to pass traffic.

Hal, Vic Mahran, Chris Hee, Mike, Kevin, and Ramone

Oops! Don't look at this scope waveform showing crummy SERDES performance, this demo is all about success!

Bill, Ramone, Kevin, Naveen, Art and John Fletcher. (I can't quite make out who Eric is talking too there in the background: Dilip, Sanjeev and Prashant?)

Sherise Tournour, Hal, Ashutosh, and Bayne Steele

The rest of these pictures are from Mahi Work, but that webpage was already too big (hey, we did a lot of work!) so I placed these work pictures on this page.

Curtis Harlee, Dennis McGuire, Tim Chappell and Ron Chocker

Kevin Kraver

Dan Smith and Mike Walker

Eric Holmberg

Paul Henderson

Dennis McGuire and Pat Kelley