The Mahi HW team was great. It was great fun to work with a bunch of super people. I wish it could have continued. Lee Ritchey held a BBQ for the entire team after the final layoff. Here is a group photo (with handy identification key!), it is perhaps my favorite Mahi photo of all.

1: Bill Katz, 2: Art Enyedy; 3: Paul Henderson; 4: Chuck Corley; 5: Carmela Newens; 6: Dan Smith; 7: Eric Holmberg; 8: Hien Powell; 9: John Dinwiddie; 10: John Fletcher; 11: Chris Hee; 12: Ramone Hecker; 13: Bayne Steele; 14: Fred Horton; 15: Sam Valtenbergs; 17: Jim Whitehead; 18: Lee Ritchey; 19: Mike Walker

Here is a group shot of the ASIC team in November 2004. I wish we had taken a team photo every year, but I am happy to have at least this one. It was terrific working with all you guys.

Back row: Art Enyedy, Nalin Yogasundaram, Ashutosh Agrawal, Prashant Jain, Vishal Agarwal, Nomaan Latif; Front row: Dilip Adikesavan, Steve Danek, Sanjeev Marathe, Kam Wing-Li, Eric Holmberg

I have a couple of shots from the HW Christmas lunch in 2004.

Bayne Steele, Sam Valtenbergs, and Lee Ritchey

Ramone Hecker, Randy Beck, Duncan Gray, Jim Whitehead and Chris Hee

Kam Wing-Li and Eric Holmberg

Ramone Hecker, Lee Ritchey, Randy Beck, Prashant Jain and Dilip Adikesavan

Ramone, Randy Duncan, Lee, Bayne and Prashant

Vic Mahran, Chuck Corley and Bayne Steele

Here is a photo of John Fletcher and Ramone Hecker in front of a 320G Mi7.

This is Ramone and me posing with an NX7

I took a few photos of some of the many cards that we produced.

MSX motherboard