Although most of the photographs here in the Mahi scrapbook show fun times, celebrations and sports, quite a lot of work got accomplished also. These pictures show Mahi employees in action!

This black and white photograph was published in Sonoma Business in September 2000, with a story titled: Mahi Networks:One of the next Telecom Valley success stories? Series B had already closed, and the employee population had risen above 100. Shown here (front row): Jose Enciso, Liz Leland, Mark Thomas, Bill Beyer, Katherine Radeljic, Ramone Hecker. (back row:) Kevin Pope, Kathleen Keith, Colm O'Brien, Greg Peters, Dennis Maddock and Jim Nowack.

This picture was published in the Business Journal when Mahi got it's series A from Sequoia and Benchmark: an $8 million funding round. Back row: Kathleen Keith, Nathan Knuth, Bill Beyer, Katherine Radeljic. 3rd row: Rich Lopez. 2nd row: Stephen Rauch, Colm O'Brien, Jim Nowack, Jeff Spangler. Front row: John Fletcher, Greg Peters, Ramone Hecker, Jose Enciso, Kevin Pope

Curtis Harlee

Bill Katz

Bindu Yogish

Malek Yamani

Kevin Pope and a 320G Mi7

Sam Valtenbergs, John Fletcher and Dan Smith

Mechanical Drawing of the chassis

Vikram Ditya

Julie Haskins

Bob Lund

Darryl Whitlock

Katherine Radeljic and Art Enyedy

Mark Thomas (with the fearsome monkey!)

Victory photo after successful 72 hour test at MCI

Jim Rusake, Rob Coish and Sam Valtenbergs

Prab Radhakrishnan

Sriganesh Kini

Mahi's Mechanical Team

Curtis Harlee

Chuck Thode and Malek Yamani

Kevin Pope (left) and Paul Yang (right)