Nomaan was a popular guy, so when he made his decision to leave Mahi, we had big turnout for a large farewell at Finbar's. Nomaan was presented with a some commemorative photos of Mahi life, so that he would never forget us. We certainly will never forget him! Like everything when Nomaan's involved, it was a fun time.

Tim Quinn and Nomaan Latif

Vikas Kaushik, Gerald Richard, Hal Norman, and Nomaan Latif,

Dan Smith, Hien Powell, Eric Holmberg, Sherise Tournour, Hal Norman, John Fletcher and Rich Lopez

Bill Katz

Gerald Richard and Bayne Steele

Art Enyedy

Randy Beck, Mike Walker, Dan Smith and Vic Mahran

Rich Lopez, John Fletcher, Daylyn Meade and Eric Holmberg

Sam Valtenbergs, Jeff Spangler, Ramone Hecker, Chris Hee, Hal Norman and Tim Quinn

Sriganesh Kini and Ram Goda

Vic Mahran, Dan Smith, Hien Powell and Eric Holmberg

Sherise Tournour and Hal Norman

Bayne Steele and Sam Valtenbergs

Eric Holmberg, Bill Katz, Bayne Steele, Jeff Spangler, Ramone Hecker, Rich Lopez and John Fletcher

Maruti Goli

Dan Smith

Tim Quinn, Nomaan Latif and Jarek Wilkiewicz