After the Mahi Meltdown, Naveen opted for a job in Bangalore. The Mahians gathered again at McNear's for a farewell fete. Thanks for everything Naveen, you're a good friend and a lot of fun to work with. I certainly won't forget those long hours and late nights debugging the LAUGH!

Here Naveen is talking to Menucher

Naveen is surrounded by well wishers: Janahan, Vikram, Dan, Jens, Kip Kohn, Vikas, Daylyn

Jens and Vikas

Manie, Selehdin, Prab and Ashok

Prab and Ashok (and the corner of Prashant's head). Manie, Naveen, and Daylyn are visible in the mirror.

Ramone, Janahan, Sam, Dan and Pierre

Sam, Art, Dan and Janahan

Rich and Vikas

Sam, Ramone, Janahan and Dan

Vikram, Ram, Daylyn and Menucher