The final farewell occurred in August, for Ramone Hecker (heading north to Seattle) and John Fletcher (heading south to San Diego). I was already gone by then, so I missed this last send off; thanks to Rob Coish and Chuck Corley for sending me these photographs

Ashok Gowda, Hien Powell and Chuck Corley

Dan Smith, Bayne Steele, Ramone Hecker, Bill Katz, Kevin Pope and John Dinwiddie

Carmela Newens, Tim Quinn, Sam Valtenbergs and Steve Danek

Peter Ehler, Jayaram Beladakere, Janahan Skandaraniyam and Selehdin

Jens Krogh and Jayaram

John Fletcher and Jayaram

Peter, Jayaram, Janahan and Selehdin

Kevin and John

Mike Walker and Chuck Corley and Ramone

Mike and Prab

Prashant, Peter, Prab and Sunita

Ramone, Mike and Kevin

Rob, Dan and Ramone

Sam, Lisa and Tim

Sam, Lisa and Sherise

Dan proposes a toast to Mahi!

The last Mahi group photograph