Terracotta Warriors of China

Exhibit at Pacific Science Center

June 03, 2017

This is my set of photographs from the Terracotta Warrior exhibit. The museum encouraged us to take pictures, but flash and video were forbidden. I took photographs of the signs at the displays too, so I could accurately identify the objects.

There was an accompanying IMAX movie that ran for about 45 minutes. The movie provided background about the legendary First Emperor, who conquered all the neighboring warring states and started the Qin dynasty. Qin is pronounced "Chin" and is the origin for the country name China. Although the dynasty didn't last long, the First Emperor standardized the system of weights and measures, the written word, created a universal currency, and started a network of roads and canals to unite his empire. All of these innovations lasted well beyond the end of his dynasty, which started more than 2000 years ago.

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Terra Cotta Warriors