Peacock in the Desert

Exhibit at Seattle Art Museum

December 9th, 2018

Stephen and I went down to the Seattle Art Museum on a rainy December day to checkout a special exhibit of Royal Artwork from India.

I especially liked the enormous amount of detail in these paintings. The artists seemed determined to cover every inch of the painting surface with detail - every plant, bead, face or building facade was meticulously rendered. There was a video demonstration of how these paintings are made. The artist uses an ultra fine brush to draw in each tiny detail. The museum had magnifying glasses available for patrons to view up close the tiny details; I took some closeup photographs of some of the paintings so you could more easily see the fine brushwork.

The Asian Art Museum in Seattle had an exhibit a few years ago (2008?) that also displayed masterworks of Indian Art. We happened to be walking in Volunteer Park that day, and for some reason admission was free that day, so we went in and I got my first exposure to the style of the old royal Indian art. I really liked the colors and details and the stylized artwork. I don't have any pictures from that early museum exhibit.

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