Glacier National Park

July 1 - July 9, 2006

Avalanche Lake Hike (7/2)

St Mary's Falls and Virginia Falls (7/5)

Apgar Lookout Hike (7/2)

West Side of Going-to-the-Sun Highway (7/6)

Many Glacier Area (7/3)

East Side of Going-to-the-Sun Highway (7/6)

Ptarmigan Tunnel Hike (7/3)

Hidden Lake Overlook Hike (7/6)

Iceberg Lake Hike (7/3)

Hidden Lake Hike (7/6)

Waterton National Park (7/4)

Highline Trail Hike (7/7)

Crypt Lake Hike (7/4)

Lake McDonald (7/8)

Two Medicine Area (7/5)

This web page is the story of our trip to Glacier National Park in the summer of 2006. I had never been to this park before, so I did not realized that it ranked right up there with Yellowstone and Yosemite for spectacular scenery. This is a wonderful place to visit if you like to hike. Despite visiting during the fourth of July weekend, we were not bothered by crowds at all - we would pick a hike, and start early, before most of the tourists got on the road. Then, when the hike was over, we might do a shorter hike in late afternoon - since it was the height of summer, the days up north by the Canadian border are quite long.

We drove from Seattle to Kalispell on the first day. We stopped for lunch in Spokane, which is a very nice city. I never would have guessed that a city that size could host a World's Fair (1974). We stopped at the tourist center and picked up lots of literature - it seemed like there are plenty of attractions on the eastern end of the state and in the Idaho panhandle, so maybe we will take a short vacation there some day.

We used two books for our vacation: the Moon handbook for Glacier National Park, and Glacier Day Hikes by Far Country Press. Also, the National Geographic map of Glacier/Waterton is indepensible for identifying peaks and figuring out an itinerary. We also picked up the National Geographic Road Guide to Glacier and Waterton National Parks. I have attempted to use these resources to identify the landmarks in my photographs, I have a high confidence in my captions, but if you spot an error, please let me know.

I took many many photos. I have tried to organize them for easy viewing - just click on each thumbnail and a window will pop up displaying a larger image. I have tried to minimize size of the photos for fast downloading with out sacrificing too much of the image clarity. When I look back at all this pictures, I am amazed again at how much astounding scenery we saw in our week there.

The Moon handbook lists 10 top day hikes. We managed to hike five of them: Apgar Lookout, Avalanche Lake, the Highline Trail, Iceberg Lake and Crypt Lake. Since we missed five, I guess that means a return visit to the park is required! We had excellent weather, only rained on once, at the very end of our hike to Virginia falls.

Hopefully, these webpages will inspire you to make your own visit to Glacier and Waterton. Or, if you have already been there, perhaps it will bring back happy memories of your own trip.

All the graphic images are my own, but the textured background is taken from a site, EOS development, that offers non-profit users free use of their graphics. Click below to visit their site.

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