Flight to Japan

Saturday March 25 2017

Our flight to Japan was on Asiana Air, which I think is a Korean airline, so we ended up flying first from Seattle to Seoul, and then taking a connecting flight from Seoul to Osaka. This was my first time flying over the international date line. I found it impossible to sleep on the way over to Korea, even though the stewardesses kept insisting that everyone keep their window shades drawn for the duration of the flight (Melanie had to lift her shade when we were flying over Alaska when the stewardesses weren't looking)

Our flight took off more than an hour late from Seattle, which was alarming because our itinerary showed us with only an hour and ten minutes in the Seoul airport before catching our connecting flight. It was especially frustrating taxi-ing on the runway for 20 minutes when the plane touched down at the airport. We tried to run through the airport, but the signs were mostly in Korean and we couldn't figure out where we were supposed to go. Fortunately, our connecting flight was also with Asiana Airlines, and the plane to Osaka waited for us and other connecting passengers.

We landed in Osaka and cleared customs. Easily found the shuttle bus for the Kansai Washington Airport Hotel, and went right to bed. We were in Japan!

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