Cougar Mountain Hike

Southern section of the mountain

Saturday September 2nd 2006

We decided to check out the southern end of Cougar Mountain. This fine set of hikes turned out to be mostly deserted, despite the fact that it was Labor Day weekend. The only people we encountered was one couple with their dog, and a bunch of trail runners. The trail runners were not in a group, they were running solo. Why do trail runners frequent the southern trails of Cougar Mountain? It is a mystery.

We eventually found the trail head in a cul-de-sac of a residential neighborhood. Perhaps this is why the trails are less travelled - it is not so easy to find the starting point. It was a good thing Melanie had her map of Cougar Mountain. The trails all interconnect with one another, so if you don't know where you are headed, it would be easy to get confused. All the trails on the south end begin with an S. I think we did a total of 4 miles in our loop.

Our first destination was the Far Country Lookout Point. You can't really see much from there. The look out is a gap in the dense trees.

When we reached Doughty Falls, there was no water flowing. Not even a trickle. It has been the driest summer ever recorded in Seattle history, so I guess the absence of flowing water is not a surprise. We will have to return one spring day and see the falls in action. These are nice trails, I wouldn't mind hiking them again

The view from Long View lookout wasn't too good - a small gap in the trees, giving you a glimpse of southern Seattle, or maybe it was Renton.

We did not spy any bears on the Shy Bear Trail. Perhaps they were just shy. Nor did we spot any brontosaurs. I suggested the trail be renamed The Really Shy Brontosaurs Trail.

The trail winds through the Shy Bear Marsh, but that was mostly dry. We circled back to our starting point, and easily made it back home in time to watch the Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech game, which ND won 14-10.

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