Photos from Mahi Halloween in 2003. This is an extensive set of photos, covering several pages. I didn't know which ones to leave out, so I included everything. This year there was a contest for judging the costumes. Each person made a grand entrance to the meeting room to entertain the crowd and the judges.

Colm O'Brien's grand entrance

Victor Mahran makes an staggering entrance

Nomaan Latif enters with a sneer

Dennis Rodman is as bad as he wants to be: Ramone Hecker

Dennis Rodman flexes for the crowd

Bill Katz with his famous glowing nose.

Who is that masked man? John Dinwiddie

Mona Lisa Dinwiddie

John Dinwiddie and Jarek Wilkiewicz

Daylyn Meade addresses the crowd

Dan Smith is Dan Adams

Steve Danek, ensnared in the web of a giant spider

Chuck Corley gives Jarek Wilkiewicz a good scare

Ian Hood in chains

John Fletcher: Hawaiian tourist

Jeff Spangler and Scott Allen make a spooky appearance

Ron the Magician!

Henry Davis strides into the room

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