Mahi employees always dressed up for Halloween. I am not sure what year these pictures are from - perhaps 2002 and 2001? (They are not all the same year, because Dan Smith and Sam Valtenbergs appear in two different costumes!)

Bayne Steele in the gorilla suit menaces Ron Longo.

Bill Katz and Henry Davis

Carmela Newens with someone that I can not identify

Cory Martin and Sam Valtenbergs

Nathan Strong, Gina Bertolucci, Katherine Radeljic and Kevin Kraver

I can only identify some of these characters: Henry Schaffer, Sam and Chris Rust and Vikas Kaushik

Hal Norman, Scott Allen, Keith Laliberty and Jeff Spangler

A whole lineup of costumed Mahians!

Mark Cole and family

Rob Coish in his famous pig suit

Rob, Carmela and Chuck Corley

Sam, Art and Chris Rust

Sam and Bayne

Sam, Rob and Elvis (Dan Smith). I don't know the person on the far left is

Sherise Tournour and Dan Smith

Steve Danek

Tim Chappell and Shawna Moyer and Henry Schaffer. Who is that with the big witch hat?

Brett Hecker in his robot costume. Does anyone have more photos from when the children had a Halloween party at Mahi? I think it was in 2000. I recall passing out candy from my cubicle.