Kenny and the Dragon


Tony DiTerlizzi


Science Fiction / Fantasy


Date Reviewed:

November 28, 2021

ony DiTerlizzi is an excellent illustrator, so when I saw that he had written and drawn a children's book, Kenny and the Dragon, I got a copy to look at the artwork. I was not disappointed. Like so many great children's stories - Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, The Chronicles of Narnia - the artwork that accompanies Kenny and the Dragon really enhances the story. I like that DiTerlizzi profusely illustrated his tale, it seems that there is a drawing on every third page. Many of the drawings fill an entire page. If I have a minor quibble, it is that the drawings appear to be done with pencil, rather than ink. I like the sharp contrast of ink on white paper. The pencil drawings look softer, but not as crisp.

Kenny is a rabbit, all of the characters in the story are anthropomorphic - they are animals that wear clothes, talk and walk around on two legs. Oddly, they still raise livestock. Kenny's family of rabbits own a herd of sheep, and apparently the sheep are treated just like domesticated beasts - they don't talk or wear clothes. George, the badger knight, rides a steed that doesn't talk.

Since it is a children's story, the plot is simple. A dragon named Grahame appears on the land of Kenny's father. The animals in the town of Roundbrook are afraid - the beast must be slain! But Kenny goes out to see the dragon, and discovers that is it a friendly vegetarian who likes books and poetry. Kenny and Grahame become best friends. Fortunately, Kenny is also friends with George, the badger who now runs a bookstore, though once he was a knight in the service of the king. It is George who is directed by the King to slay the ferocious dragon. Kenny, Grahame and George concoct a scheme to prevent any bloodshed. There aren't any scenes are that are too intense for young children. I think the fantastic artwork can be enjoyed by readers of any age.

I see that there is a sequel called Kenny and the Book of Beasts, I will look for that next.

I scanned in some examples of the nice artwork.