Mexico 2013

In 2012, we took an organized tour to see the Mayan ruins of Palenque, Tikal, Copan and other famous sites. (Pictures from that trip are posted here). On that trip, I talked with a number of the fellow travelers; most of whom had seemingly been to half of the known world. When I told them that I would love to see the ruins of Chichen Itza, they all assured me that it was the easiest thing to visit them - just rent a car and drive around the Yucatan! It was safe and easy and relatively cheap. The people are friendly, many speak English, and there are many glorious Mayan sites to visit.

I took their advice and we planned a self guided tour around the Yucatan to many of the famous Mayan sites. It was indeed incredibly easy and lots of fun. I don't speak Spanish, but we had no trouble at all. I recorded some of the details of what we learned from traveling on our own in the Notes page here. The Mayan sites are wonderful to see. We had great weather and everything went perfectly well. This set of webpages documents our trip and everything we saw. Hopefully it will inspire you to make a similar, equally successful, journey to Mexico.

Saturday: Feb 9

Fly from Seattle to Cancun

Pickup Rental Car

BBQ chicken dinners at La Terraza

Stay in Puerto Moreles at Cabanas Puerto Morelos Trip Advisor 20 min south of airport

Sunday: Feb 10

Drive 135 km from Cancun to Tulum


Drive 340 km from Tulum to Becan

8 km side trip to Kohunlich

Spaghetti dinners at Rio Bec Dreams

Stay in Xpujil at Rio Bec Dreams Trip Advisor

Monday: Feb 11



Fajitas for dinner at Hotel Calakmul

Stay in Xpujil at Rio Bec Dreams Trip Advisor

Tuesday: Feb 12




Grilled chicken dinners at Mirador Maya Restaurant

Stay in Xpujil at Rio Bec Dreams Trip Advisor

Wednesday: Feb 13

Drive 220 km from Xpujil to Edzna

Edzna Trip Advisor

Drive 55 km from Edzna to Campeche

Fuerte de San Miguel and Museo Arqueologico de Campeche

Checken / beef dinners at Marganzo Restaurant

Stay in Campeche at Best Western Del Mar Trip Advisor

Thursday: Feb 14

Drive 150 km from Campeche to Uxmal

Side trip to Ruins of Oxkintok (50km from Uxmal)


Walk back to Uxmal for evening light show

Dinner at Cana-nah Restaurant

Stay in Uxmal at Hacienda Uxmal Trip Advisor

Friday: Feb 15

Ruta Puuc




Loltun Caves


Grilled chicken and Puc Chuk dinners at Hacienda Uxmal

Stay in Uxmal at Hacienda Uxmal Trip Advisor

Saturday: Feb 16

Drive 80 km from Uxmal to Merida

Mundo Maya Museum in Merida

Drive 160 km from Merida to Chitzen Itza

Dinner at Hotel Mayaland buffet

Stay Chitzen Itza at Hotel Mayaland Trip Advisor (Moon 311)

Sunday: Feb 17

Chitzen Itza

Dinner at Las Mestizas

Stay in Chitzen Itza at Hotel Mayaland Trip Advisor

Monday: Feb 18

Drive 110km from Chitzen Itza to Coba


More Coba

Ek Balam

Domino's Pizza for dinner in Valladolid

Stay Valladolid at Hotel El Meson del Marques Trip Advisor

Tuesday: Feb 19

Drive 180km from Valladolid to Puerto Morales

Snorkeling trip at Puerto Morales Reef National Park

Chicken dinners at El Pirata

Stay in Puerto Moreles at Posada El Moro Trip Advisor

Wednesday: Feb 20

Drive 20 km to Cancun airport

Return Car at airport

Fly to Seattle

Thursday: Feb 21

Friday: Feb 22

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