Favorite Photos from Japan Trip

March/April 2017

Here are my 300 best pictures from our visit to Japan, where we toured Kyoto and Tokyo, and hiked a portion of the Nakasendo Way, the historic imperial highway that once linked the old capital (Kyoto) to the new capital (Tokyo). The picture below shows us in the Ryoan-ji Temple, a zen temple in Kyoto.

I wrote a haiku to celebrate our Nakasendo Way journey:

Eleven hikers

Temples, post towns, shrines and views

Nakasendo Way

To display the photo images on this webpage, I am using a freely distributed java script called Lightbox v2.7.1 written by Lokesh Dhakar. You can download this program by clicking on this link.

All the text and photographs on this webpage are my own creation, but the textured background is taken from a site, EOS development, that offers non-profit users free use of their graphics. Click the icon below to visit their site.

Eos Development

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