Skellig Michael and Dingle - May 29th, 2012

We spent the night of May 28th at the Bed & Breakfast run by Joe Roddy & Sons - they also run a boat tour over to Skellig Michael, and we had made our reservations with them for May 29th. When we went downstairs for breakfast, they told us that the weather was good enough for the boats to make the landing at Skellig Michael. Hurrah! Our good luck comes through again!

Only small boats can make the landing at Skellig Michael - they don't actually dock - the boat pulls up along side a concrete pier and you step across when the waves are temporarily smooth. It was no problem for us, but I could clearly see why heavy seas or wind would prevent any landings.

Before climbing up the stairs to the monastery, you walk past lots of sea birds, including puffins. The puffins are not the least bit afraid of humans, I could stand right next to them as they emerged from their burrows. Puffins are so photogenic! I took many pictures, and I liked most of them.

The beehive huts of the monastery are cool - built 1500 years ago, yet still waterproof against the North Atlantic weather. What is really impressive is seeing the crazy location - I couldn't get over the fact that a dozen monks thought it would be a great idea to live on this crazy pinnacle of a rock, eating birds and fish. I couldn't help but wonder how many fell to their deaths on those steep cliffs. Was Ireland in the Dark Ages really such a distraction that the monks could only find peace out in the Atlantic?

On the way back to the mainland, our boat veered over to Little Skellig so we could get a look at all the seabirds there.

We drove over to the town of Dingle after our boat trip. Dingle must get a lot of rainfall, because the landscape is so green it practically glows.

I am really glad that the weather permitted us to make the visit to Skellig Michael on this day. That may have been my favorite part of Ireland, it is such a dramatic location. Another great day in the books!

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Skellig Michael

Little Skellig

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