Glenveagh, Grianan Ailligh, Derry City Walls - June 6th, 2012

Glenveagh is a national park, so naturally we wanted to visit there. It used to be a giant estate, which is why there is a castle built in the prime location on the park lands. We walked over to the castle and looked at the gardens in back. The best view is from a viewpoint up above the castle - from there you get an ideal view up and down the lake. I am glad it was clear and sunny when we were up there - because it wasn't much later that it started raining. From this point forward, we experience rain off and on most every day - which I guess is typical Irish weather.

However, the rain did clear away when we were at the Grianan Ailligh Stone Fort, and while we were walking around on the city walls of Derry.

A map showing the gardens and short trails around Glenveagh Castle

A map of the city walls around Derry

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Grianan Ailligh Fort

Derry City Walls