Slieve League, Kilcooney Dolmen, Mt Errigal - June 5th, 2012

The Slieve League is not something a tourist "just happens upon" - these cliffs are located on the far western shore of the northern county of Donegal - you have to make a determined effort to drive all the way out there, but I feel it was worth the journey. The Slieve League is an enormous set of towering sea cliffs, much higher than the Cliffs of Moher. However, they are not as sheer in drop (though still, they are plenty steep!) and due to their remote location, they are not swarmed by tourists. We did see a couple of busloads of tourists though, the buses had negotiated the windy road up to the parking lot to get to the official viewpoint.

Though the viewpoint is impressive, we started hiking along the cliffs, climbing up the trail. Actually, it wasn't much of a trail - in many places we were walking over rocks and scrub, but the landscape is wide open so there is no danger of getting lost - and the cliffs are always right below you. We went further than I expected, the hiking was not hard, and we got all the way to One Man's Pass. But we decided not to cross it, because we had heard stories about people getting blown off of it.

We drove north from the Slieve League, stopping off at the Kilcooney Dolmen - which is another impressive example of ancient man's construction. Our second big hike of the day was up to the top of Mount Errigal. I was hoping to get sweeping views from the top, but when we finally reached the summit, the furthest we could see in the dense clouds was about five feet! At least we can say that we made it.

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Slieve League

Kilcooney Dolmen

Mt. Errigal