The Aran Islands - June 1st, 2012

After all the rain we experienced yesterday, we enjoyed a day of wonderful warm sunshine. Indeed, at the end of this day, Melanie discover she had a sun burn from all the bright sunshine!

We drove over to Rossaveal, rather than trying to coordinate with catching the shuttle service. All day parking in Rossaveal was only a few euros. We bought our ferry tickets and took the boat ride over to Inishmore, the Great Island, which is the largest of the Aran Islands. We rented mountain bikes and pedaled a few easy miles to the Dun Aenghus stone fort. It was a huge structure, obviously its construction required a massive effort by the early inhabitants. I wondered how there could be so many workers able to build such a big fort; to my eye, the rocky barren landscape of the island looked so poor that I had a hard time imagining that it could feed a large population.

Unlike the Cliffs of Moher, at Dun Aenghus there are no walls between the tourists a straight drop over the cliffs down to the ocean far below. We could really hear the boom of the Atlantic smashing against the cliffs below. I got down on my belly and inched over to the edge - yep, you can look straight down to see the water below.

We rode back to town, hoping to visit the Black Fort. But despite asking a few of the locals where the road to the Black Fort was, we never did find the proper route. Which seems incredible, since there are so few roads on the island! But we didn't want to miss our ferry ride back, so we cruised along the seaside for a while, enjoying the nice sun.

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Aran Islands