This webpage documents our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park in 2013. We spent the first week of September hiking through the park. I hadn't been to Rocky Mountain since we visited when I was just a young child, so I did not remember it well at all. It has fantastic scenery and lots of places to hike. The links document each of the hikes we did, or you can just click on the Best Photos page to get an overview of our trip and see my favorite pictures.

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Sunday August 25

Monday August 26

Tuesday August 27

Wednesday August 28

Thursday August 29

Friday August 30

Saturday August 31

Fly Frontier Airlines 2.5 hours to Denver, arrive 12:05 PM

Pickup compact car from Hertz

Drive 75 miles to Estes Park

Check in at Murphy's River Lodge Trip Advisor

Sunday Sept 1

Twin Sisters Hike

Ouzel Falls Hike

Monday Sept 2

Flattop Mountain Hike

Hallett Peak

Bierstadt Lake

Tuesday Sept 3

Alberta Falls

Mills Lake, Jewel Lake

The Loch, Glass Lake, Sky Pond

Andrews Glacier

Wednesday Sept 4

Mount Ida Hike

Tundra Trail

Trail Ridge Road

Thursday Sept 5

Chasm Lake Hike

Lily Lake

Nymph Lake, Dream Lake Lake, Emerald Lake

Friday Sept 6

Old Ute Trail

Cascade Falls Hike

Adams Falls

Saturday Sept 7

Fly Alaska Airlines 11:25 AM flight to Seattle, Arrive 1:15 PM

Our hike table

OFG = Outdoor Family Guide, CHG = Complete Hiking Guide


Hike Name


Roundtrip Distance

Elevation Gain

Book Pages

SundayTwin SistersTwin Sisters7.8 miles2338 ftCHG pg 261
SundayOuzel FallsWild Basin5.4 miles950 ftOFG pg 154, CHG pg 185
MondayFlattop MountainBear Lake8.8 miles2850 ftOFG pg 112, CHG pg 75
MondayTyndall Glacier, Hallett Peak, Bierstadt LakeBear Lake1.2 miles390 ftOFG pg 115, CHG pg 76
TuesdayMills Lake, Sky PondGlacier Gorge9.8 miles1710 ftOFG pg 97, CHG pg 64
TuesdayAndrews GlacierGlacier Gorge2.1 miles* ftOFG pg 107, CHG pg 71
WednesdayMount IdaPoudre Lake9.8 miles2120 ftOFG pg 181, CHG pg 106
WednesdayTundra TrailRock Cut1.0 miles260 ftOFG pg 168
ThursdayChasm LakeLong's Peak8.4 miles2450 ftOFG pg 142, CHG pg 223
ThursdayEmerald Lake, Dream Lake, Nymph LakeBear Lake3.8 miles605 ftOFG pg 106, CHG pg 74
FridayCascade FallsTonahutu7.0 miles300 ftOFG pg 208, CHG pg 286
FridayAdams FallsWest Portal0.6 miles80 ftOFG pg 209, CHG pg 275

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