This is an account of our vacation in Boston in the summer of 2004. All my family attended, with their spouses and offspring. Getting everyone in the family together at the same time/place has never occurred before, and I doubt it will happen again - pretty soon the eldest children will be off to college and leading their own lives. This was an opportunity for everyone to be together, and I think we made the most of it.

It is a family tradition to produce photo albums of our trips, along with an accompanying write up. Since I am trying to learn webpage design, I decided to make an electronic version. This way I can easily display the photographs. I tried to scan the photos at a relatively low resolution so your page downloads are not too tedious.

1)Stephen Bergin 2)Ed Cyngier 3)Art Enyedy 4)Katie Lothamer 5)Ed Enyedy 6)David Enyedy 7)Suz Enyedy 8)Kevin Cyngier 9)Sam Cyngier 10)James Bergin 11)Heather Lothamer 12)Elona Cyngier 13)Laura Bergin 14)Patrick Lothamer 15)Nicholas Cyngier 16)Joe Enyedy 17)Joe Bergin 18)Louise Bergin 19)Tom Lothamer 20)Marie Lothamer 21)Lillian Lothamer 22)Molly Lothamer 23)Zoe Enyedy 24)Rose Cyngier 25)Pete Cyngier. Not Shown)Melanie is taking the picture

SUNDAY June 20th

The Mayflower & Plymouth Plantation

MONDAY June 21st

The Freedom Trail

TUESDAY June 22nd

Cape Cod



THURSDAY June 24th


FRIDAY June 25th


SATURDAY June 26th



Trip Summary