Feb 10th

Today we took the shuttle back to the main land. After a taxi ride to the airport, we picked up our rental car and set off to explore main land Belize.

Our first stop was the Belize Zoo. The zoo contains only species that are native to the country of Belize. The animals in the zoo have all been rescued from some kind of injury or harmful situation. We walked among all the cages. I especially love the macaws and the toucans, they are such pretty birds. Despite the fact it was the middle of the day, the young male jaguar was awake and pacing about in his cage, which was great to see. It was also fun to watch the activity of the monkeys as they leap about. The Belize Zoo is definitely worth a stop, and since it is on the only highway between Belize City and the capital (Belmopan), most of the tourist will drive right by it.

Just outside of Belmopan is a tiny national park called Guanacaste. There really isn't anything special here. We walked a short trail through the jungle, which allowed us some glimpses of the river. There were a couple of howler monkeys high up in one of the trees that we watched for a while. Melanie got bitten by some nasty bugs here - they weren't mosquitos, possibly they were biting flies. The welts seemed to last for weeks after we got back from Belize.

We drove south from Belmopan along the Hummingbird Highway. Our destination was just outside of the Cockscomb Nature called Tutzilmah. This place was just the opposite of Iguana Reef Inn - it was quite primitive. However, it only cost us $24 a night to stay there! It did have running water and electricity, too. The reason we wanted to stay here was the proximity to the Cockscomb Nature Reserve.

I had signed us up for a guided night walk in Cockscomb. When we took our trip to Costa Rica, we did a night walk in Monteverde and saw lots of interesting animals. I was hoping for a similar experience with our night walk in Belize. However, it was a huge disappointment. We didn't see ANYTHING. Not even glowing eyes in the jungle. No bats, frogs, or mammals. I guess we were just unlucky, because the reserve is supposed to have abundant wildlife. Unfortunately, all the animals had gone else where that night.

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